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Art and Spirituality – the Connection

  • Do you feel moved to explore your connection to what exists beyond what we experience with our five senses?
  • Do you yearn to seek a deeper understanding with your own faith and spirituality?
  • Are you drawn to mythology, religious texts, symbols, animals, places, or even words, and you would like to delve into that more deeply?
  • Are you inspired to explore dichotomy/balance in different areas?

You are invited to participate in this new workshop offered by Dawn Shuler as part of her Art As Spirituality movement.

Creativity is within each of us, and although some of us may not think of ourselves as artistic or creative, this workshop uses art as a means to deepen your connection to your spirituality, faith, religion, or personal belief system.

The spiritual approach to creating art does not focus on the outcome or tangible result. Instead, this experience allows you to connect with yourself more deeply, as well as to connect with a force bigger than you are.

As much of life, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

If you have ever felt a connection to something deeper and greater than just you, this workshop is a means to explore your place and purpose in the greater universe.

No artistic experience is required. Whether you think of yourself as an artist or not, a beginner or advanced, this workshop will allow you to explore your creative side (which is within each and every one of us) and appreciate the cosmos within and around you.

Cost: $75. Includes all supplies (canvases, paper, paint, pens, pencils, ink sprays stencils, glitter, stamps, and more). Wine and cheese celebration included at the end to honor your journey.

Location: Private property in Gore, VA. The workshop will be held on the large deck with a view of the mountains. In case of rain, it will be held inside the house.

Address and other details will be provided after registration.

Other Workshops Offered by South Mountain Crafts

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Power Words Oracle Deck

Meditative Art for the Non-Artist

Some people are intimidated by meditation. Others are intimidated by art. In this workshop, we’ll dip into both in a non-threatening manner. 

At this workshop, you’ll enjoy a relaxing activity where you explore your own creativity (and EVERYONE is creative in some way or another!), increase your inner focuse, and learn strategies to use to reduce anxiety and depression.

You’ll gain confidence in your creativity as well as explore various art modalities.

There is no pressure, as you will be encouraged to follow your energy and let this activity be as easy or as stretching as you’d like.

Make Your Own Power Words Oracle Deck

Power Words are a unique list of words that conveys the deep, authentic YOU. These words represent the core essence of who you really are.

At the Power Words Oracle Deck Workshop, you will create your own deck of Power Words cards that you can use to:

  • help align you… with your energy, your values, and what’s truly important to you
  • center and ground at any time of day
  • remind you of your deeper, authentic self
  • get in touch with what’s really important when you’re feeling a little lost or stressed

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