Art As Spirituality

Art as a medium to get in touch with your spirituality

What it means

I feel a connection to something deeper and greater than just me.  I will never completely understand the Universe, yet I want to explore my place and purpose in it.

It’s the dichotomy of celebrating the unique individual, while at the same time exploring how we are all part of One.

Art is the attempt to depict our inner perception of our outer world and the sacred elements within it.

“Art is a profound mirror, always reflecting back who you really are. Most people are petrified to take a look… but if you’re brave enough, you can see right into your soul.” ~ Michelle Baker, M.A. Art Therapy

This concept and my place in it is still evolving.

Stick around and together let’s see where it goes.

You can also get peeks into how Art As Spirituality is manifesting for me in real time on the Art Blog.

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