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Our Story

Why is it called South Mountain Crafts?

Mark and Dawn Shuler love the mountains, and previously, they lived in beautiful Myersville, Maryland, atop South Mountain. (If you know your American Civil War history, then you know South Mountain.)

Recently, they moved to rural Virginia, atop Great North Mountain. North or South…. it’s a mountain!

They produce a variety of things, not just paintings (traditional “art”), but wood crafts, carvings, functional art (vases, trays, and the like), hence the “crafts” piece.

Dawn is the designer, colorist, and artist behind our crafts. Mark is the guy who makes it all happen with carving and sanding wood, creating the structure to make art happen, and providing an endless supply of structures and materials. (Can you say, “Blow torch”?)

About Dawn Shuler

Dawn remembers drawing bunnies and unicorns as a little girl.  Then, for some reason, she just stopped, probably because of a traumatic childhood where survival and escape took the form of voraciously reading, not creating art.

Once she became an adult, she turned her creative urges to quilting and needlework, taking great pleasure in colors, patterns, and using her hands to create physical things.

Fast forward a decade or so, and Dawn felt the need to move from needle, thread, and cloth to something more intangible – watching colors and patterns emerge from pens, pencils, and paint.  She has delved into sketching, coloring, doodling, tangling, wood burning, and, of course, painting.

With hundreds of completed projects and seemingly thousands of potential projects in her brain, Dawn spends most of her weekends (and some evenings during the week) bringing ideas out of her head, heart, and soul and into the world.

It’s about the journey…

During the day, Dawn is an organizational consultant and trainer at The Shuler Group.  While she’s been successful and loves the work she does with organizations, even with all her accomplishments and achievements, there was a point when she felt something was missing.

In 2021, after having spent almost every weekend for 1 1/2 years painting, she had an epiphany.  She had been fascinated with both art and spiritual exploration (separately and together), but she had treated them like hobbies.  Her soul cried out for more.

Hence, the movement, Art As Spirituality, was born.

Her belief is that there is something more beyond our day-to-day, physical life that begs us to explore.  Art As Spirituality is a manifestation of Dawn’s need and desire to find a way to access that which is higher and bigger than ourselves.

Dawn currently lives with her husband Mark on top of a mountain in Gore, VA.  She blissfully creates in her amazing art studio with a view of the mountains.

Dawn’s happy place

The Studio…

Where you can find Dawn’s featured art

There’s actually a story behind this one…. Around 2005, I remember going into local Whole Foods stores in Maryland and seeing the On Purpose Woman magazine for free. Whenever I went there, I picked up an issue. After reading the articles, I kept the magazine to use for my various art projects. Who knew that in 2023, Ginny Robertson would ask me to be the cover artist for the July/August 2023 issue?!?! So interesting how life and the Universe works!

Sierra Learnership Collaborative provides exceptional leadership development through speaking, training, and coaching services.  This new space opened in January 2023, featuring Dawn’s works as a visual companion and source of inspiration for this learning and personal and professional growth.

Dawn was chosen as the first artist to exhibit at Life Tree Gallery in Winchester, VA.  Unfortunately, the gallery closed in May 2023.  Before that, though, over a dozen of her paintings were exhibited in one of the halls, and several of her crafts items were available in the cafe.

On Purpose Woman magazine cover art by Dawn Shuler.  See the issue at https://pub.marq.com/98f680fe-a0fb-4d19-8c1f-b6bbb344d679/#kDXU0y0swYzB

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