Creating a grid for mandalas and other art forms – step-by-step

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While I haven’t been painting much over the past few months (in part due to the passing of Kojo Kitty), I have been drawn (pun intended) to more geometric shapes.

This isn’t much of a surprise as I’ve been doing mandalas for almost 15 years.

I know there are stencils of grids and mandalas, and I have and use them. But sometimes, you just need to create your own grid. I saw an example of one I wanted to create, so I did, and then proceeded to embellish it with color and shapes.

Grid to use for mandalas

But then I wanted to do another one, and an artist friend said that if I do another one, could I scan and send her the image for her to use.

So, I’m not the only one who likes these grids. 🙂

Once I decided to draw a second one, I documented the steps… because if you’re going to do something again, don’t guess or struggle. Create a step-by-step instruction!

Instructions for drawing mandala grids

Materials needed: paper, pencil, compass, and protractor.

Epilogue to this post: I also started documenting different shapes and fillers to use in mandalas because who wants to search for the over and over? 🙂


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