What does the art really look like?

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One of the things that’s tough about art is that if you can’t experience it in person, you don’t get the full effect. Hence, why people go to concerts to truly immerse in the music. Why one goes to an art gallery to not just see the art pieces themselves, but to see arrangements, themes, and the like. Why you go to see movies on the big screen.

There’s nothing like experiencing art firsthand, or at least as firsthand as possible.

I’ve created hundreds of art pieces over the years. Some are for sale, and some are mine, never to be parted with. 🙂

And once we moved to our amazing home over two and a half years ago, I had more wall space to hang art. I’ve filled the walls with the art that is mine to keep as well as what is for sale.

While we try to take the best photos possible and describe the pieces for sale as best as we can, you still can’t really get the whole feel of a piece unless you are in its presence.

You may not be able to come to my house (but if you’re ever in Top of Virginia, let me know!), so I’m giving you the next best thing…. a video tour of some of the art pieces that are for sale.

You can see them on the walls. You can see how I’ve arranged them. You’ll see how I’ve even grouped some of them together. You can also get a sense of size and how they fill a space.

I’ve attempted to give you the experience of art as best as I could through video and the Internet.  May this bring you joy and an appreciation of beauty and color.


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