Left brain vs right brain of art

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Art's lessons, Artist Journey | 0 comments

For years I’ve said I’m the perfect Libra with the balance of left brain and right brain. (Although if you pressed me, I would probably say I usually show up more left-brain than right, but still with a mix.)

However, I prefer to think that I’m a somewhat balanced between those two halves of my brain. This is probably why I’ve been so attracted lately to geometric art. That kind of art definitely needs the left brain to create the designs. The right brain gets to play with colors, even though there can be some logic and linear to that as well (there needs to be more blue over here to balance it out). And there are the times where I completely let my intuition lead me in color selection.

Paint pouring is not as anywhere nearly left-brained as the geometric art. I use chemistry and physics to create the piece…. it feels comfortable because I probably rely on my left brain more throughout my daily life. But paint pouring goes beyond left brain and then creativity takes over. Or as Mark says, “Then nature takes over.”

Mark says I have a love-hate relationship with the variables because it’s an unknown. If I play with an Excel spreadsheet, the only unknowns are my lack of knowledge. So, if I have more knowledge, I can make an Excel spreadsheet do my bidding.

There is no “more knowledge” when it comes to art.


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