Lord Buddha Progress Video

by | Jul 19, 2023 | In progress, Painting | 0 comments

During the 17 months it took me to finish Lord Buddha, I took a picture at the end of each painting session.  I find it fascinating to put the pictures together to see the morphing from one stage to another.  It looks magical on screen, but the reality is that one image in the animation could be the culmination of hours of work to get there.

As I watch this progress video, I’m still amazed at what it takes to get this result.  The shading, from the headdress to the face to the eyes, requires layers and layers and layers….

When I reflect on this, I realize how much patience it must have taken to just plod on.  It’s like any big project; if you knew exactly how much effort it might take, you might never embark on that journey.  I feel that way with quilts and cross-stitch projects as well.  It’s why it IS about the journey and not the result.

Otherwise, I would just buy a finished quilt or painting of Lord Buddha and not put in the effort.

I hope you enjoy!


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