Breaking Yin Yang design down into simple steps

by | Jul 15, 2023 | Art's lessons, Art how-to, Artist Journey, New techniques | 0 comments

I follow an artist online who specializes in geometric designs, and it was this artist that inspired me to get a good compass. I was looking over some of her videos on YouTube, and the “Easy Yin Yang Symbol” caught my eye.

I watched the video a couple of times and tried my hand at creating it. I was so frustrated by not being able to get the results I wanted that I considered disliking the video and posting my comments. I’m sure this artist has worked with these shapes for so long, she just does it. There are no audio or written instructions, and she doesn’t really show how she gets all this to work together.

I gave it a couple of days and tried again. Just like I do in my corporate life, I take something that is complex and break it down into its simple steps. You can see in the picture that I wrote it all out. Yes, maybe I did it successfully, but if I wanted to recreate it, I need instructions!

It reminds me when I was taking piano lessons in my 30s. Along with my young daughters, I was going to perform in the recital, and I hadn’t practiced as much as I should have. 🙂 The day before the recital, I memorized the finger position (thumb on C, then forefinger on B, etc.).

I feel like that’s what I needed to do with creating this yin-yang symbol – memorize the steps, repeat them over and over, and then maybe it will become intuitive and use muscle memory.


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