See a painting in progress – Green Tara

by | May 12, 2023 | Artist Journey, In progress, Painting, Spirituality | 0 comments

Two years ago, I went through Whitney Freya’s 22-day Tara Painting Meditation Challenge. It was the intersection of everything I do art for: art (duh!), spirituality, and growth (AKA stretching myself).

I took pictures of each session I did. Now, these 22 days were not 22 consecutive days for me. We moved in the middle, and there was actually a five-month gap between packing up my art studio (which had me in tears) to moving to unpacking to setting up my new art studio (which also had me in tears – I love this space so much!).

I had always envisioned creating a video that would show the changes from session to session. I’m excited to finally have put it all together.

In looking over this, I remember the progression and the prompts. It’s cool to see the changes, image by image. I’m actually seriously considering going through the course again. (When you buy the course, it’s for a lifetime, so I can go back through it.)

Now that I’m putting that idea out there, I wonder what would be different, especially since I’ve done Lord Buddha (watch for another progression video soon).




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