But artists don’t plan…

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For many people (including me), there is this mystique around creating art. It just happens, right?

I think this concept – “Artists just create from nothing” – is what makes most people think they aren’t creative or artistic.

If you look at many of the artistic “masters,” they have preliminary sketches where you can see the origins of the amazing “originals.”

I struggle with this whole concept myself. “If I were a true artist, I would just create these art out of whole cloth.”

Whether that’s true or not – that a REAL artist would just start producing sunbeams out of their posterior – *I* have found that just a little bit of planning makes for an easier process, which may also translate into a more magnificent piece.

Now for this particular project… This house on a mountain with my beloved art studio is actually a rental. (Our goal is to buy this house, and we have a strategy around that.) Anyway, we just found out that our lease has been renewed for another year. As I did last year when we found out about the lease renewal, I’ve decided to make my mark on my studio. (The first time was to paint “Art As Spirituality” on the wall.)

Since I love dragons, and I have this ONE space that needs something, I’ve decided to paint the word “Dragons.”

I found an amazing font, courtesy of NAL, and I’m going to use as the basis to paint the word above the doorway in the studio.

Part of me just wants to dive in and start painting. However, I’ve learned enough – or perhaps I’m intimidated enough – to know I should try it out first.

I started sketching the word, and I figured out a few things –> which is why there should be some preliminary planning, in my opinion, of ANY undertaking.

Anyway, I did all my calculations, and I have a step-by-step process, which can come in very helpful when my gremlins get in the way (“You’re stupid. You’re not talented. You can never create this.”) All I have to do is follow my steps.

Planning is not the opposite of artistic or creative.  Often, it’s a valued partner.


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