Phoenix Rising – work in progress

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Artist Journey, In progress, Painting | 0 comments

Scarier than starting could be taking that first step – and having no idea what to do next. Or, what it really is, is being scared to death that what you’ll create won’t live up to what you want to create.

I have an idea for Phoenix Rising. This “sketch” on the canvas isn’t bad, but it’s nowhere near my vision.

I’m looking at the first step on the journey; I have no idea what the milestones along that journey might look like. I know the overall destination of result…. but will it really make it all the way?

Right now, Phase 1 looks like a line drawing. I dream that the ultimate phase (who knows what that number will be) has a finished, subtle, blended look, much like Lord Buddha.

It’s what’s cool and terrifying about art. It never turns out exactly how you imagined, and it really is about the journey.

And you just hope you’re up to the task.


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