Creative energy vs. physical energy

by | Mar 22, 2023 | Artist Journey, Follow your energy | 0 comments

Over at The Shuler Group, we have been immersed in a Company Climate Inventory for a new client. It’s a large, complex project, which requires a lot of time and focus. The left-side of my brain is able to schedule and prioritize and work intently for hours and hours to meet deadlines.

What that means is that the right-side of me (that artistic, creative side) isn’t getting a lot of attention. And because I’m focusing so deeply, I’m using a lot of energy units.

Tuesday night I found myself feeling utterly worn out and physically exhausted from the intensity of the work. But my creative energy was at a huge high point. In other words, I would have loved to go to my studio and do some art work, even just drawing or coloring, but at that point, I didn’t have the physical energy to do more than just sit quietly.

Luckily enough, I follow my energy and don’t force myself to do something I can’t or just really am not up for.

But I really wanted to do art!

Sometimes none of my energies are available! I’m not feeling creative. I don’t have the physical ability. I’m not emotionally “feeling it.”

How is the helpful? For me, it’s helpful to understand that “I’m tired” isn’t completely accurate. Neither is “I’m never feeling creative.” (Probably most artists struggle with feeling creative – or, more accurately, NOT feeling creative.)

One one hand, I was happy to feel creatively motivated. On the other hand, it kinda sucked that I didn’t have the physical horses, so to speak, to back it up, but at least I understood WHY I wasn’t going to do any art.

Today, I’m still in the midst of this big corporate project, but I’m aware of my need to be creative. This blog post is one way I can feed that need. Maybe I won’t be so physically exhausted later, and I can dip into some mini projects. (Right now, diamond painting or coloring or playing with my geometric piece sounds delicious!)

Self-awareness is awesome!


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