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by | Mar 8, 2023 | Inspiration | 0 comments

When I thought my dream in life was to become a best-selling fiction author, the advice was to find stories all around you. Go about life and see what stories you can write.

While I’ve decided that particular dream is not mine, the advice for visual arts is pretty much the same… find inspiration all around you.

To that end…. One of my favorite places in the world is my husband’s hometown of Sitka, Alaska. As we visit there frequently (although not as frequently as I would like), we are members of a few local Sitka Facebook groups.

When I visited one of these groups, I saw this photo as the banner photo for the group. I don’t know if the original photo has been treated, but the subject looks a bit abstract – perfect for one of my particular art forms.

So, I reverse-engineered the photo: what are the elements? How can I recreate them? I came up with a whole plan, and I used my fluid art skills to create it.

This is the result.

I still love seeing the original photo in conjunction with my piece!


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