Sometimes the magic fails

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Art's lessons, New techniques | 0 comments

I was playing with a new fluid art technique called “clouds,” which required a paint medium I didn’t have, DecoArts satin enamel. So, out to the store I went (cue George Thorogood).

I watched videos from multiple sources, namely Gina DeLuca, over and over. I mapped out my plan. And then I went to work.

I tried three different times, getting sort of close the third time, but not exactly what I was trying for.  (You can see what I was trying to create with the vortex-like design – coming out from the center.)

Now that some time has passed (I have tried to learn NOT to scrap a painting immediately), I am not unpleased with the results, especially with that third attempt.  And the wood panel is my go-to when I have leftover paint, and I had a LOT of leftover paint!

Luckily, I love the colors, so that’s always a point in a piece’s favor, and has something to do with whether it gets to live or not. 🙂

So, sometimes the magic works, and sometimes it doesn’t. But even when it doesn’t “work,” it doesn’t mean it’s a total failure.

One of art’s lessons.


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