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I create because I must.

Color – Beauty – Exploration

I create to explore.  I create because my soul craves beauty.

I’m honored you’re here – allow your eyes and soul to feast upon vibrant color and uplifting images.

You’ll find lovely artistic items that you can buy.  You can also get information about workshops I hold in northern Virginia.  Finally, if you (like me) think of art as a way to explore your spirituality and connecting to something greater than yourself, then check out my Art As Spirituality movement.

Finally, I believe we are all artists in some way, and I would love to support you.  What does your soul say to you?


Find canvases, vases, oracle deck holders, trays, and more!


Creativity is within each of us, and although some of us may not think of ourselves as artistic or creative, do you desire to deepen your connection to your spirituality, faith, or personal belief system?

About Dawn

Learn more about me and my journey.  Perhaps you’ll see some similarities. 🙂

Art As Spirituality

I feel a connection to something deeper and greater than just me.  I will never completely understand the Universe, yet I want to explore my place and purpose in it.

More about the art…

I’ve been drawing since I was little (bears and bunnies), and I eventually graduated to drawing unicorns – ad nauseum.

That ended as I went through the trying middle school and high school years.  However, once I was in college, I started working with fabrics and needlework.  In the three decades since, I have played around with quilting, cross-stitch, home crafts (pillows and curtains and the like), clothing, crewel, decoupage, mixed media, baskets, pottery, holiday crafts, wood burning, sketching, painting, Zentangle ®, coloring, and diamond painting.

My go-to for over three years has been abstract paint pouring.  This method involves mixing paint with water and sometimes silicone oil in certain ratios, combining colors, pouring onto surfaces, and even using a blow torch!  Gravity, sometimes helped by the artist, pulls the paint in certain directions.  Check out the blog and shop for what I’m working on!

What I’m working on…

Click on the images below to get a sneak peek! 

Creating a grid for mandalas and other art forms – step-by-step

Creating a grid for mandalas and other art forms – step-by-step

While I haven't been painting much over the past few months (in part due to the passing of Kojo Kitty), I have been drawn (pun intended) to more geometric shapes. This isn't much of a surprise as I've been doing mandalas for almost 15 years. I know there are stencils...

What does the art really look like?

What does the art really look like?

One of the things that's tough about art is that if you can't experience it in person, you don't get the full effect. Hence, why people go to concerts to truly immerse in the music. Why one goes to an art gallery to not just see the art pieces themselves, but to see...

Left brain vs right brain of art

Left brain vs right brain of art

For years I've said I'm the perfect Libra with the balance of left brain and right brain. (Although if you pressed me, I would probably say I usually show up more left-brain than right, but still with a mix.) However, I prefer to think that I'm a somewhat balanced...


My heart stopped when I saw your Tree of Life Borealis canvas in the OPW magazine. OMG, it almost brought tears to my eyes and so I had to buy it! I just couldn't wait to tell you how beautiful it is and how it inspired something larger than life in me. It's even more stunning in person than it is in the magazine!! When I pulled it out of the packaging, it literally took my breath away, and I'm about to bust out into tears of joy it's so gorgeous. THANK YOU, Dawn, for blessing me with this painting!

I can't express how much I love this piece of art. It's even more vibrant and inspiring 'in person.' It's such high quality and value. It was carefully packaged with care and personal touches. Thank you, Dawn!

Laurren Darr

I wish that I could give this 10 stars! My expectations were far exceeded... I absolutely LOVE it! The colors are spot on and I can literally stare at them all day. I have them displayed in my office and I smile everyday when I walk in and see them!!! If you have any of Dawn's art in your shopping cart don't hesitate to make the purchase... You'll be so glad you did!

Amy Maeder

Dawn and Mark are a gifted couple with many talents between them. They bring heart, spirit, intelligence, and a sense of play to all their creations. As South Mountain Crafts, their art is vibrant and unique with tapestries of rich colors that both soothe and enliven. And their creativity is imbued with the inspiration of the beautiful mountains where they live. I am happy to have their art in my home.

Barbara Norman

I LOVE dragons and so this piece of course caught my eye! I absolutely love it and have it on display in my art studio. I'm elated to be the owner of the original, but I see you can now purchase prints of it. Dragon lovers! Your walls need this!!!

Amy Maeder

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